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ED480 Full Digital PWM Control Tattoo Power Supply

  • Unit Price:55-55
  • Quantity(lots)Price/lotProcessing time
    1 - 5US $553 Days
  • Item No:1001214
  • Category:Tattoo power supply
  • Weight:800g
  • ColorBlack
  • Packing1sets per box
  • Machine FunctionLiner,Shader,Coloring
  • Purchase Quantity:   




High tech display.
Duty:depent on volts.
Time:tattoo session timekeeping
Liner/Shader Preset
LINER-C & SHADER-C for momentary mode of foot switch.




Press the up and down arrow buttons to adjust voltage.The default adjustment resolution is (1/10) volt,

you can change this value in the config menu when you adjust these values, they are stored in the power

supply memory even in the event of power down.




The power supply is preset in 2 machine modes,in two machine modes there is one voltage preset for

the L button and one for the S button in the config

menu you can change to 4 machine modes in 4 machine modes there are two presets for each of the

L and S buttons pressing the L button will access

and toggle between the two liner presets and pressing S button will access and toggle between the

two shader presets.




ED-480 has 2 footswitch mode options momentary mode is the conventional operation mode that

most artists are using to where power is supplied to the machine only when the pedal is actuated.

Maintained mode fuctions as a typical maintained switch's on. Push off. Be carefull not to leave

maintained mode activated while machine is unattended or bound up. This situation could damage

the power supply or even your machine. One example of a bound up

machine is when ink dries in your tube and your A-bar cann't break the needles free.

To toggle between maintain mode and momentary mode, press and

hold the L or S button for 5 sec.


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