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  • Blue Ink Cartridge
    Item No:2400119-15M1
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  • 2017 Mini Power Supply
    Item No:1600181
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  • A4 LED Light pad for tattoo tracing
    Item No:2100572-1
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  • Adjustable hawk grip 26.5mm
    Item No:1700377
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  • Dragonfly rotary machines with hook line, RCA
    Item No:1100635-11
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  • S7 Short Pen Machine
    Item No:1002582-1
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  • Yilong Black Silicone Clipcord
    Item No:1600324-1
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  • Yilong Professional Coil Tattoo Machine
    Item No:1101105-7
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  • Yilong Professional Coil Tattoo Machine
    Item No:1000568-1
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  • 30mm Tattoo Auto-Lock Stainless Steel Grip
    Item No:1002694-30mm
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  • 25mm Tattoo Auto-Lock Stainless Steel Grip
    Item No:1002694-25mm
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  • 22mm Tattoo Auto-Lock Stainless Steel Grip
    Item No:1002694-22mm
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  • 2018 Stainless Steel Magnum Grip Kit
    Item No:1001200
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  • 300ml Tattoo Fine Mist Bottle
    Item No:0000004
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  • 2017 New Ink Cap
    Item No:2000180
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  • Rubber Needle Pad-Purple
    Item No:1002293-8
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  • Pro Mixer in Black for Tattoo Inks
    Item No:1001330
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  • Acrylic holder for tattoo machine
    Item No:2100203
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  • Practice skin,flower-100g
    Item No:2100506-1
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#.1 Sources of Tattoo Supplies | Equipment.

Yilong Tattoo Supply Co.,Ltd.
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Office Phone:0086 579 85126108

whatsapp:+0086 18857981296

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    Item No:3000462
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    Item No:1002592
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  • Hawk Machine Tattoo Kit
    Item No:3000461
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  • The Thor Cartridge Needle
    Item No:2400135-3RL
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  • 25mm Tattoo Auto-Lock Stainless Steel Grip
    Item No:1700803
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  • Tattoo Pen Machine Kit II
    Item No:3000445
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  • Y7 Rotary Tattoo Machine
    Item No:1002803
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  • Artist Tattoo Power Pen
    Item No:1002801
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  • 31mm Yellow Dragonfly Cartridge Silicone Grip
    Item No:1004121
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  • The Thor Tattoo Pen Machine
    Item No:1002600
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  • Tattoo Pen Machine With Battery Adapter XV
    Item No:3000442
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  • LY Premade Tattoo Needle
    Item No:1001970
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  • Tattoo Pen Machine Kit 1
    Item No:30004310
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  • Casting Tattoo Machine Kit
    Item No:3000421
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  • Alloy Tattoo Machine Kit
    Item No:3000422
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  • Embossing Tattoo Machine Kit
    Item No:3000423
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  • Color Mixer
    Item No:1700713
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  • Tattoo Ink Rack
    Item No:2100685
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  • LCD Battery Adaptor-RCA
    Item No:2100663-2
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  • LCD Battery Adaptor-DC
    Item No:2100663-1
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  • S10 Rechargeable Pen Machine
    Item No:1200008
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  • King Kong Pen 8
    Item No:1002338
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  • Sponge Grip Cover 35mm
    Item No:2100574-2
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  • Sponge Grip Cover 41mm
    Item No:2100574-1
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  • The Green Lines Tattoo Machine
    Item No:1000575
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  • Pen Machine Display Rack
    Item No:9120119
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  • Y6 Pen Machine
    Item No:1002590
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  • Anti-Fatigue Mode Design Power Supply
    Item No:2100660
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  • Tattoo Machine
    Item No:1002588
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  • Artist's Two-Color Electroplating Handle Grip
    Item No:1700381
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  • Disposable Tattoo needle tip dip wash cup
    Item No:1002901
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  • Black Tattoo Clipcord Bag
    Item No:1002900-2
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  • WEREWOLF Rechargeable Pen Machine
    Item No:1002586
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  • Digital Display Mobile DC Power Supply
    Item No:2100614-2
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  • Digital Display Mobile RCA Power Supply
    Item No:2100614-1
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  • Ink Mixer
    Item No:1001407
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  • Small Sterilize Pouch
    Item No:2000118
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  • Large Sterilize Pouch
    Item No:2000117
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  • phone jack clipcord,
    Item No:1600303
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  • New 6 Feet Clip Cord - Orange
    Item No:1600326-1
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  • Tattoo Pure Copper Machines
    Item No:1100854-1
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  • Blue Ink Cartridge
    Item No:2400119-7M1
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  • Black Tattoo Cartridge Needles
    Item No:6100012-3RL
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  • Tattoo Yellow Dragonfly Cartridge Needles
    Item No:2400124-3RL
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  • Pen Rotary Machine
    Item No:1100698-1
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  • Sharp Container 1L
    Item No:2000233/2000234
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  • King Kong Short Pen Machine 17
    Item No:1002578
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  • Automatic Induction Foam Washing Hands Machine
    Item No:1002902
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  • Tattoo Arm Rest
    Item No:1002140
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  • Rotary Machine Eccentric Gear
    Item No:9120199
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  • Adjustable hawk grip 28mm
    Item No:1700379
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  • DC Head Gold Wire Coil
    Item No:1600333
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  • Ink mixing oscillator
    Item No:1700711
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  • Short Pen Rotary Machine
    Item No:1100699-1
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  • Mini Rotary Machine
    Item No:1002580
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  • Stainless Steel Yuntai Pad Arm Bracket
    Item No:1002139
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  • Workbench
    Item No:Item No.1001088-3
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  • Tattoo Students Starter Kits
    Item No:3000302-3
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  • Mini power supply tattoo kit
    Item No:3000295
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  • Yilong 'T' Black With Box RCA Clipcord
    Item No:1600450-2
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  • Yilong 'S6' Rotary Tattoo Machine
    Item No:1002579
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  • Yilong "Y" Tattoo Pen Machine
    Item No:1002577
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  • Yilong S3 Tattoo Pen Machine
    Item No:1002571
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  • Mini Tattoo Power Supply
    Item No:1600197
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  • Adjustable Tattoo Lamp
    Item No:1001161
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  • New Touch Screen Power Supply -New Arrival
    Item No:1600195
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  • New Tattoo Power Supply TP-5
    Item No:1600200
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  • Dual Tattoo Power Supply
    Item No:1600114
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  • HP-2 Power Supply--Top Quality
    Item No:1600179
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  • ATOM Power Supply
    Item No:1600182
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  • disposable machine barrier
    Item No:2000116
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  • Machine cover with rubber band
    Item No:2000109
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  • Mini Tattoo Kit
    Item No:1002139-3
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  • #13 small stable ink cap
    Item No:2000140-3
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  • #13*11mm Black stable ink cap
    Item No:2000148-3
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  • 3RT Disposable Short Tip
    Item No:1002233
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  • Yuntai Arm Rest
    Item No:1002130
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  • Foldable Tattoo Chair
    Item No:2100307
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  • Embossment Skull Tattoo Machine
    Item No:1101304-2
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  • Tattoo brass pen blue
    Item No:1900116-2
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  • G15 316L stainless steel piercing needle
    Item No:2400105
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  • Disposable clip cord covers
    Item No:2000115
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  • #13 medium ink cap
    Item No:2000102
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As a pioneer of tattoo supplies industry in China,Yilong is striving to turning out the quality products and services for worldwide tattoo beginners and masters

We have been opening the business from making and selling tattoo premade needles,and our products not only range now all kinds of precise made needles but disposable tubes,tattoo machine,power supplies and a full range of supplies for the art of Tattoo.

The Yilong team is dedicated to be your #1 reliable supplier of Tattoo Supplies & Equipment.

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